I’m beyond excited about this blog post!  I’m headed to Arkansas in November and I can’t wait to book some fun Holiday Sessions for you guys over there!  I’m also excited to share with all my clients my 2011 CHRISTMAS CARDS!  I’ve worked super hard on these and LOVE how they turned out.  They are all totally customizable and I can do just about anything with them.

First things first… If you are interested in booking a Holiday Session with me in Arkansas just click on the picture below!  This will have all the details you’ll need about these sessions.  There’s only a handful of spots & they are first come first serve… so don’t wait to book!

All of these sessions come with 50 Custom Christmas Cards!  You should book a session just to get one of these cute cards! ha!

Sorry I had to put my watermark logo on each of them… just don’t want anyone stealing my card designs!  The watermark won’t be on the finished product!

So how much do these cost ala carte?

25 5×7 Cards- $55.00

50 5×7 Cards- $100.00

75 5×7 Cards- $145.00

100 5×7 Cards- $185.00

1. Merry & Bright Front

Merry & Bright Back
2. Rich Red Front
Rich Red Back
3. Perfect Polaroid Front
Perfect Polaroid Back
4. Blue Lace Front
Blue Lace Back
5. Modern Chevron Front
Modern Chevron Back
6. Bright Banner Front
Bright Banner Back. (There is no photo on here so that you could write a personal note… photos could easily be added)

7. Blue Wave Front
Blue Wave Back
8. Chevron Beach Front
Chevron Beach Back
9. Teal Crush Front
Teal Crush Back
10.  Whimsy Front
Whimsy Back
11. Grey Lace Front
Grey Lace Back

  1. Oh how I wished we lived closer…. : (

  2. I’m gonna text you but we would love one of your sessions for the Fries family if you can work around a hat???

  3. I’m%20gonna%20text%20you%20but%20we%20would%20love%20one%20of%20your%20sessions%20for%20the%20Fries%20family%20if%20you%20can%20work%20around%20a%20hat%3F%3F%3F

  4. […] of the McDonald kids a few months ago!  I remember I had not done it when I made a mock up Christmas Card for them.  You should definitely go check those out if you haven’t seen them.  Enjoy the […]


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