5 Years of wedded Bliss!!!


I truly can’t believe Ryan and I have been married 5 years!  It seriously seems like yesterday that I was putting on my wedding dress and walked down the aisle to meet my groom.  I will forever remember my wedding day as it was one of the best days of my life.  Ryan and I often say to each other “We really didn’t know each other when we got married”.  Each year our loves gets sweeter and I fall more and more in love with him.  I can’t imagine how I’ll feel about him on our 25th anniversary! Wow.  Thank you Lord for this incredible husband & father. I truly don’t deserve him!

I always love to look through our wedding pictures on our anniversary!  I also LOVE to show everyone my wedding album.  If you’ve ever been to my house you’ve probably looked through it, ha!  Here are some pictures from our wedding day!  The ever so talented Brooke Robinson was my photographer!  I love my pictures and I am so thankful that I used her to capture my day!  I’ll never get to go back to my wedding day, but I feel like I get to live it all over again when I look through my album.  All that to say… use a GOOD photographer to capture you wedding day!  Of course… I would love to be that person, but if not me use someone who you know will do an awesome job!!  On with the photos….

Favorite of the two of us!!  Just ordered a big 16×20 Organic Bloom frame for this photo.  Can’t wait to show it to everyone!

Some sweet ones!  We both look so young.. ha!  I guess thats what 5 years, Graduate school, 3 cross country moves, 3 change of jobs and a baby does to you! 
We decided to see each other before the ceremony… best decision ever!!
Some wedding details!! I was definitely on the black/white/hot pink kick!  
All my bridesmaids… yes… there are 9 of them!! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!!
I wanted hot pink calla lillies as my flowers… who knew they didn’t grow out of the ground like that!  Our florist actually spray painted all our flowers!  I’m sure she thought I was nuts!
Ryan’s men!
And our whole entourage of bridesmaids/groomsmen!! Love it!

My brother and sisters!  Love them so much!
Me and my daddy walking in!  Love that moment!
I think we’re saying our vows here!
WHOO HOO!!!  We’re married!
I loved my cake!  Shelby Lynn’s did a great job! Each layer was a different flavor.
Reception food… never saw it… so really glad I have these pictures!
And we’re off…..
… getting hit with lots of rose petals!
Yeah!!!  What a fun day!  Wish I could do it all over again!!

  1. Stacy Mathews

    Rachel, I love this post! I feel like I just went to your wedding! It was beautiful and wish I could have a piece of that amazing cake! You two don’t look a day older and are just as much in love-I love it and God is so gracious!!!!:)
    ps we had white calla lilies at our wedding and i loved them too but didn’t know ya could spray them!

  2. Erin

    That was such a fun day!! You are so beautiful friend! Miss you!


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