Brittany & Shawn’s Wedding Day!


I typically don’t post an entire wedding day in one post, but I’m a little bit crazy busy these next few weeks and need to condense my blog posts!  Sooooo…. get ready for some serious pictures of Brittany & Shawn’s Vineyard Wedding!  If you missed their bride/groom portraits click here and here.

The day was full of deep purples and lots of bling!!  Bling on the cake, dress, jewelry, shoes, bridesmaids, candy bar… everything!

Loved Brit’s dress… so elegant, so classy!
Jewelry to go with the glitz & glam of the day!
Time to get ready!  One of her bridesmaids did everyone’s hair/makeup!  They all looked fabulous!
Mom and sis helping Brit get into her dress!
Putting on the finishing touches! She’s all decked out and ready to see her groom!
The rings!
She did a little craft on the bottom of her shoes! “I Do”

I told you these girls were looking incredibly gorgeous!
They also had a great time throughout the whole day!
And of course… we had to head into the vineyards as well!
On to the men… looking like studs!
They can also be really silly too!  Definitely my favorite “jump” pic!  Every guy is doing something different, ha! 
Gorgeous Bridal Party!
Now to the ceremony…Not a bad view for a wedding!
Brother walking her down the isle!  This is a whole other story… saved especially for another blog post!  I love how Brit is tearing up!  I’m so honored to capture moments like this!
… and moments like this!  Can’t you tell how much Shawn adores his bride!
Brittany added a little football humor to her vows!  Gotta keep it honest!
RECEPTION!  Looovveeeeed the head table!  I realize there’s no one in this pic, but it’s a fav of the day for sure!
Using corks for name holders! Cuteness!
By FAR this best candy bar I’ve ever seen!
Beautifully choreographed first dance!
… then a surprise dance by the bridal party!  They were breakin’ it down!
Brit laughing while her sis did a little rap for her! Ha.. that girl had some guts to get up and do that in front of everyone! Sisterly love for sure!

Usually don’t post “garter” pics.. but this is pretty funny!  

A House divided! Shawn=avid Texas fan, Brit=avid Gators fan!  Brittany was nice enough to give Shawn his own Texas garter to throw while she made him take off the Gators garter!  So sneaky!
Leaving under sparkles!
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Hyde!  May the Lord bless your marriage for years and years to come!
And one more just for fun! 


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