This past weekend I packed up all my gear and flew to the land of big ole trucks and cowboy boots to photographer a beautiful Texas wedding!  This was the first wedding I’ve done out of state since my second daughter was born.  My sweet hubby held down the fort with my 3 little ones in San Francisco and I had SO much fun eating BBQ and brushing up on my southern accent!  Enjoy this Texas wedding!








 A “First Look” with her daddy!

 Just the sweetest!  And love that I can spot her mama in the mirror!



 Then it was time to head outside (in the freezing cold) for some gorgeous light filled photos!







How perfect are these flowers??  Made my photography heart so happy!

Lots of laughter with these beautiful girls!

The guys were looking pretty sharp too!


Then back inside the church for a beautiful ceremony.







A high five from dad!  His last son to get married!



Then it was off to the reception venue for some of the most beautiful light I’ve ever shot in! Just a fun little fact… all these pics you’re about to scroll through outside were taken in 22 minutes!  I might have been going in super speed and I’m sure the bridal party thought I lost my mind!




Such a handsome ring bearer!

Love these two!

How gorgeous are these trees? I could not have asked for anything better.




So good at helping his bride with her veil and train.


One of my favorites of the bridal party.








Now to enjoy the rest of the evening!!


Walking right into their First Dance as husband and wife!




Welcome by Michele’s daddy.

The after dinner we moved right into some very sweet toast by both Michele & Brian’s younger siblings.


Dancing with her daddy.

Dancing with his mama!

And then it was time to party the rest of the evening!







Last dance of the evening.


Which ended in the most perfect dip ever! Rarely am I actually in the correct position for a good dipping pic! So… yay!!!!




Congratulations Brian & Michele!  Have so much fun on your honeymoon next week!


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