If you are the type of person who can’t get enough detail pictures in your life then this blog post is just for you!  I have already posted a few different post about Michelle & Jordan’s wedding day, but there’s something about this post that I love!  Get ready for a TON of collages and a TON of reception detail shots!  This really was the most incredible Do It Yourself wedding!  Their wedding was centered around the big oak tree in this first picture.  If you missed the bridals, pre-ceremony details, bride/groom pictures, or bridal party pictures you must go check them out!

We’re just going to jump right in with the ceremony.  Michelle’s dad made the trellis they were married under.

Love this shot by my second shooter, Naomi, on the left.  She’s standing all alone right before she walks down the aisle to see her groom!  Sometimes I wish I could be with the bride at this moment.
How cute are these chairs for the ring bearer and flower girl?  I faintly remember having a conversation with Michelle that she sat in these same chairs in a wedding when she was a child.
Sweet sweet sweet first kiss!
Eeekkkk… they’re married!! Off to the reception.
On to the reception details!  Most of the following little gems were collected from antique shops and thrift stores by Michelle and her family.  There had to be 60+ different table decorations and all were equally gorgeous.
The long tables were so elegant.
Lots more decorations.  There were so many people who put so much work into these centerpieces… just wanted to give them the credit they deserve. 
Check out the games Michelle & Jordan had for their guests.  
They had pies and desserts galore.  All these pies were bought from local Mennonites. 
The bridal party made quite the entrance into the reception.  
But of course the bride & groom definitely stole the show. 
This is how your supposed to kiss your new wife!  Whoo hoo!!!
Could have done a whole shoot while cutting the cake…. How pretty is this light?

Off to their photo booth for a quick shot!

I just HAD to grab a feather boa and get a shot with the bride/groom.  I love my clients!
How much is this bridal party?

One last photo because I know this is how they feel for everyone who was a part of their day!

Thank you SO much Michelle & Jordan for allowing me to capture your wedding day. 

  1. Great Job Rachel! I could seriously look at every single photo you took at that wedding. They are a gorgeous couple and did PERFECT planning! Just spectacular. You should get those published in a wedding magazine! Miss you.


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