My sis is getting married!!


One of my big sisters, Sarah, is getting married this coming November!  Of course… I wish I was able to shoot this wedding… but I think I need to be a sister that day instead of a photographer :).  It’s very hard to relax and take in the days’ events when you’re a photographer, so I was super excited that we were able to use one of my photographer friends for the wedding!  BUT, that doesn’t stop me from being able to take her engagement and bridal portraits!  Here are a few from our session a few weeks ago!  Enjoy!

Sarah loved the balloon idea… the is my favorite shot of the day, classic, but still my favorite!!  We will be blowing this one up for the reception.  One of my favorite things at receptions is having BIG engagement and bridal portraits!

So pretty!  Also one of my favorite shots!
I knew this was one of Sarah’s favs… so I posted it for her :)  She loves how she’s leaned back on her heels because Brad’s giving her a big ole kiss!
Got them to get in the creek behind my parents new house!
Wedding Date!
Change of clothes… and change of locations!
Also a favorite!
One more change of clothes.. and a few pics at sunset!
Love this one… not sure if Sarah does… but I put it up here anyways, ha!
Little story behind this rock.  Here is a VERY condensed version of their engagement story!  Brad took Sarah hiking one day and had pre-carved “Marry Me” into this rock.  He stopped during the hike and put the rock upside down on the ground with some other rocks that didn’t look anything like it!  He got Sarah to notice that that rock didn’t “fit” with all the other rocks.  He got her to pick it up and on the other side it said “MARRY ME”!  And then he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage! Awww… so sweet!  
Can’t wait for November 7th sis!  Love ya!

  1. Sarah

    Awww. Thanks so much for the great pics. I wish you could be shooting the wedding too, but it will be a lot more fun having you in the wedding! You do great work. Looking forward to our bridal session! Luv ya too!

  2. Michelle

    Love the old car pictures hehe!! Your sister is as pretty as you are : )

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