Sandy & Elvis- Part 2


Check out the rest of Sandy & Elvis’ Wedding Day!  They got married in Chapel on the Creeks in Rogers and their reception was just up the hill at the Aloft hotel.  The wedding was white and brown with splashes of pink and green!  One fun fact… Sandy’s florist bought all her flowers at the Farmer’s Market the morning of her wedding.  I would have been a nervous wreck, but obviously they turned out beautiful!  Enjoy!

On a side not… which has absolutely nothing to do with this post… My SISTER, Sarah, got ENGAGED yesterday! Yeah for her!  She’s trying to work out who’s going to take pictures since obviously I will be in the wedding!  Hmmm…. and suggestions?  Also trying to figure out a location, will take suggestions for that as well!

I loved her flowers… and the furniture at aloft was amazing!  Wish I could have this chair in my house!  It wouldn’t match at all, but would be really cool!

Check out these shoes!  I seriously took like 10 different shots of them.

Getting Ready.

I love this shot of Sandy right after she put on her dress.  All her bridesmaids were telling her how beautiful she looks… and beautiful she was!

Putting on some finishing touches!
The shoes again… and the flowers!
Elvis checking out his bride for the first time!  Always love this moment!
Getting a real good look!
Beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids, cute flowers, and flattering dresses always makes for some cute shots!
We took a few inside Aloft!  I’m like an “outdoor all the way photography”, but this one turned out quite nice!
Props to my second shooter: NAOMI!!!  This was right before she walked down the aisle! I love that she’s trying to peek in on the action in the left pic! Thanks Naomi!
A moment that never gets old.  Bride seeing her groom waiting at the altar!
And they’re married!
They arrive at their reception with a first dance!  Elvis’ mom made their cake!  
I mean really… Elvis… can’t you just feel the love and excitement for his new wife!

Breakin’ it down!

And they’re officially worn out… love that we got this shot since they didn’t actually “leave” their hotel! ha!


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